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Greystoke Primary School

Icold Road Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0TP





Making Sir Lancelot's Horse

Sir Lancelot


Crystal, diamond – crusted mirror – you have shown to me places and people beyond my wildest dreams however this is gobsmacking even for my standards.


As the misty morning haze cleared slowly, a sense of apprehension filled me giving me the feeling that this day would have great significance. I left the loom and made three paces thro’ the rom. In the mirror of my delights a silver flash came my way.


Suddenly, I rushed to the casement in ore not want to miss a second of his magnificence. Sparrows stopped chirping, reapers stopped reaping the salmon stopped swimming – the whole world had halted. Upon his war horse he rode.


He, and his might steed, halted on the bridge of the hill as if they were posing for a picture. Nervous flutter, which was new and strange to me, penetrated my heart causing me to feel giddy. His horse reared like a majestic, rampant lion. A glorious, shining light almost blinding me started his decent towards me.


I tried to open my eyes for what seemed a lifetime; I just kept seeing a big pool of milky white nothingness. Revived by his horse’s hooves galloping rhythmically between the barley sheaves – scattering dust and rye everywhere – I cautiously came to my feet sweeping the corn aside.


Proudly, nobly, obediently – his steed tossing his glossy, black mane to meet his master’s curls as one being. I smelt the raw, rough scent of the barley on the tips of my nostrils. My sight was blurred with tears from my saw eyelids. A surreal dream thundered past – I could feel the vibrations cantering up my spine.


As he came adjacent to me and into view he blew his mighty bugle heralding my presence. I was astounded!



Examples of children's work

I see the birds soaring high,


Will I implode as I lie?


To the King about to die,


I will be watched by a vigilant spy,


From many towered Camelot.


As I approached the castle moat,


I ponder, will I float?


In the oscillating boat,


Down to sweet Camelot.