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School Ethos and Vision


To create a harmonious and stimulating school in which all children are inspired,encouraged to flourish and excel, with everyone included and all achievements celebrated.



  • Greystoke School provides, in partnership with parents and our community, an environment where each child will be encouraged to:
  •  Feel safe and confident in school enabling them to build on an environment of trust and security.
  •  Experience a range of activities to foster interests and skills, enabling them to reach their highest level of competence in knowledge and skills which will provide enjoyment for life in our ever changing world.
  • Take charge of their own learning, now and in the future.
  •  Develop independently as their growing knowledge expands.
  •  Develop ideas of their own and express them through a variety of means.
  •  Be enthusiastic about learning, becoming self motivated, independent and self-disciplined organising tasks with imagination, creativity and initiative.
  •  Appreciate the diversity of the world in which they live and the interdependence of society and the environment.
  •  Develop responsible behaviour in preparation for good citizenship and becoming a contributing member of the wider community.

A visit from the Life Education Bus

The children visited the Life Education Bus where Alison delivered a memorable life skills session aimed at equipping our children with the knowledge they need to make healthy choices. EYFS and KS1 took part in a session called 'My Wonderful Body' where they explored different food groups but also what else makes us healthy such as sleep, exercise and hygiene, while KS2 participated in a session called 'Decisions'. They explored the theme of drugs and the effect on body systems.