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London 2023


Key Stage Two have had a brilliant day in London visiting the Tower of London where they met Lady Latimer who wanted advice from the children as to whether she should marry Henry VIII or not . We visited the incredible sites which included Beauchamp Tower where 2 of Henry’s queens were held before their terrible deaths. The children are very excited about watching how the queens feel about Henry in the musical Six.

What a great day - we began with a tour of the Houses of Parliament starting in Westminster Hall learning about the monarchs who were tried there as well as how Parliament now works. We met a representative from Dr Neil Hudson who asked the children about what changes they want to see in our area. Following this we completed the Tudor trail in Westminster Abbey seeing the tombs of Anne of Cleves and Mary I , Elizabeth I and Henry Tudor. After this we had a brilliant time with members from the cast of Wicked learning the characters and an iconic song - currently enjoying a delicious Italian meal and off to Wicked.

Our final day of our London adventure was spent at the beautiful Hampton Court Palace where we explored the Great Hall, looking for historical evidence of Henry’s love for his second wife, Anne Boleyn. The children found the H and A entwined letters as well discovering the eavesdroppers who listened to conversations of Tudors courtiers below. We learned that the Abraham Tapestries which hung there are the second most valuable items in the royal collection after the Crown Jewels. Following that we visited the processional route ending in the Chapel Royal where we saw Henry’s crown. Our final stop was in the Tudor kitchens where our costumed historian brought to life the different roles and jobs within Henry’s favourite Tudor palace.