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Greystoke Primary School

Icold Road Penrith, Cumbria CA11 0TP


Working with local clay artist, Roma Short, the children applied their knowledge of Greek myths into their own designs. The children used the Ancient Greek method of sgraffito to etch in their final designs.

Here is an example of writing that a Year 5 child wrote when asked to think of how to create your own Cyclops.

To make a Cyclops.

If I was asked to construct a Cyclops,

I would take-


For skin-

the leathery hide of a rhinoceros,

the rough scrape of granite

and the bristles from a witch's broom.


For bones-

the bark of a gnarled oak tree,

chalk from the Seven Sisters

and the tough shell of a diamond.


For the body-

the kick of a ringmaster’s whip,

the ship’s mast bending in the wind

and the stride of an Africa elephant.


For the muscles-

the strength of a dragon’s jaw,

the punch of a hurricane’s blast

and the force as a tsunami strikes.


For the eyes-

the power of Medusa’s stare,

coals from the centre of the Earth

and the vision of an eagle.


For the heart-

the beat of Big Ben’s pulse,

the ruthless courage of the Minotaur

and the cruelty of a thousand wars wrapped into one.


We have really enjoyed learning about the incredible solar system that we live in from understanding the phases of the moon to life on other planets.

Our intrepid space students had a very busy day exploring what makes effective rockets as well as bringing to life their own alien life force. The children in Key Stage Two looked at different rocket designs which had reached the Moon and then designed a paper prototype as well as building a model replica. Some were very succesfully launched using compressed air. We also welcomed artist, Kate Durdy, who worked with the children to help them bring to life their own alien life force. We are looking forward to writing our own science-fiction stories where our aliens will take a starring role.