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Earlier this month we received the exciting news that Greystoke School had been awarded flagship status for Jigsaw. Jigsaw is the PSHE programme that is delivered across our school. To be awarded national flagship status is an amazing achievement for our school and recognises the importance we place on personal, social and health education. In the quickly changing world our children live in, it is... really important that they are self confident individuals with a clear understanding of their place in our society. The mindfulness approach to Jigsaw concentrates on assisting and developing both physical and mental health. In recognition of our commitment to Jigsaw we received a gift which was delivered at lunchtime today. The children were delighted to meet our new Jigsaw friend, Jerrie Cat.

We are delighted to share the news that we have been awarded Flagship Status for our commitment to personal, social and health  education (PSHE). We have been recognised for successfully using Jigsaw, a whole school, mindful approach to PSHE. The Flagship status recognises the quality of teaching, the impact on children and the way in which we support other schools with their PSHE teaching. In Jigsaw lessons children develop their emotional literacy and social skills in line with our school values.