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We love to learn in Mrs Willis's Class! Our children are very creative!  They like to make and do, build and create.  They also love to explore, to find out new information and to solve puzzles.  Of course, there is a time for more formal learning, but where possible we like to do this as actively as possible.

 Have a look at some of the things we have been up to in class.

Enjoying the snowy weather!

The whole school had ‘snow much fun’ playing and learning in a winter wonderland during break times today. It has been lovely to see the children having fun exploring whilst consolidating their science work as they investigated the ice and snow. It was also wonderful to see the children getting creative and communicating with their peers as they competed in house groups to build the best snowman! In addition, the children used their imaginations as they constructed a range of snowy creations including snowdogs, a snow turtle and even a model of Greystoke Castle. ⛄️❄️

Physical Development - Cheerleading!

Cheerleading starts by warming up the body, following a range of routines to music, whilst stretching and warming up their muscles. We always enjoy using the pom-poms with a partner- using our hands to throw and catch, to pass the pom-poms around our backs and then over our head and under our legs. These series of challenges helps to develop the children’s coordination and control. 

Physical Development - Football

In our football sessions, the children have been working on building up speed and changing direction before shooting the ball. It is lots of fun with added excitement of shooting against our friends. We have also been enjoying playing mini matches!

Literacy Development - Traditional Tales

We have been learning all about Traditional Tales in our English work. We have been listening to different versions of the same tale and have explored 'Little Red Riding Hood' and 'Hansel and Gretel'. Through this topic, we enjoyed creating painted scenes, making forest scenes with natural materials, learned all about speech bubbles to show that a character is talking and we enjoyed a visit to Upfront Gallery to watch a puppet version of Hansel and Gretel. 

Understanding the World - People who help us in our community.

What a humbling afternoon the EYFS children spent with Carole and Heather at the Salvation Army in Penrith. We delivered all of your wonderful Foodbank donations from our Harvest celebration and even helped to make up a food parcel ready to be collected by a young gentleman tomorrow. The children loved finding the items on the shelves and deciding which biscuits, drinks and tinned food he might like to eat.

Understanding the World - Finding out about people who help us

We have all enjoyed finding out about people who help us. We started off by looking at the people in our homes help us and how we can help them. Following this, we looked around our school to identify people who help us here. We have also been finding out how people in our community can help us - including the emergency services. We enjoyed visits from a PCSO, paramedics and we visited the library and the fire station.

Mathematical Development

We have been focusing on addition and subtraction this half term. We have used a range of methods to practise these skills and have been learning how to write simple number sentences. We have also been exploring shape and pattern in our wider maths work.

Physical Development

We always enjoying getting outside and using our outdoor area to practise our balancing, skipping, bike riding and scootering skills. 

Physical Development/PE

In PE we have been learning how to play cricket and develop our throwing, catching and hitting skills as well as learning the rules of a team game as batters and fielders.


In class we have been following 'Charanga - Big Bear Funk' unit. We have appraised a range of songs from James Brown, Incognito and Earth, Wind and Fire, taken time to explore and create music using our own voices and percussion instruments as well as learning new songs which we have then performed. 

Outdoor Learning - Welly Wednesday

We love to get out into the forest each week. Here we are practising some yoga and team games with our friends.

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