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After School Club

Welcome to our After School Club full of diverse experiences to investigate, explore, relax and play! We have a brilliant time getting involved in adult-led and child-initiated planned activities to ensure that our club is an exciting and enjoyable  place to be- ready for us to develop skills and most importantly have fun!

Our After School Club runs every night from 3:30pm until 5:15pm and is open for all ages throughout school at a cost of £7.50 per week- for this fee your child will be able to attend any night or every night of the school week!

Our activities range from creations and crafts to games and cooking and from competitions and sports to shows and performances- a range of extra opportunities are also planned and provided for each night so that our club is full of different things to get involved in. 


Each week is themed to coincide with a range of events and occurrences in our world today including Valentines Day, Easter, St Patrick's Day, Sport Relief and Children in Need. This helps us to learn about the world around us and current goings on in our area. We also venture to explore different areas of learning through multiple subject areas with weekly themes such as; the Vikings, countries around the world, gardening in the outdoor area, dinosaurs and musical performances.

Remembrance Day 

This week after school club marked ‘Remembrance Day’ by participating in a variety of activities including making stained glass art and poppy lanterns. They also decorated their own poppy biscuits and created some beautiful, pastel art as they reflected on all of those who have fought and died for our country as well as thinking about the wars which are still going on today. We will remember them.

Bonfire Night

This week after school club have had a great week celebrating Bonfire Night! The children have been busy making edible sparklers as well as creating sparkly firework pictures and sand art fireworks. Their favourite activity of the week was playing firework themed games using the parachute- especially spinning like a Catherine Wheel!

We hope everyone has a fun and safe Bonfire Night this weekend.

Magical and Mystical Creatures

This week, we have begun our topic of ‘Magical and Mystical Creatures’ and the children thoroughly enjoyed creating a giant, sparkly unicorn complete with a 3D horn. They also used their magic powers to make a mystical potion as well as some beautiful tube fairies and magic toadstools. 

Nature Week

It has been great to be back at After School Club over the past two weeks and we have really enjoyed welcoming some new faces. The children have been busy exploring nature- preparing and baking a tasty apple crumble and creating salt-dough hedgehogs and nature faces with natural treasures found in the forest.


Julia Donaldson Week 

After School Club have spent the past two weeks exploring books by the author- Julia Donaldson.

Scarecrow Festival

Introducing HRH The Queen and Paddington Bear. The children at after school club this week have done a super job of creating two scarecrows to showcase in the ‘Greystoke Scarecrow Festival’ this weekend. The scarecrows were themed around the recent video released for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. The scarecrows will be on display to view from Sunday 12th June as well as an art gallery of watercolour paintings which the children have also created. Well done everyone!


Easter has arrived at after school club! This week the children have been busy celebrating Easter by baking chocolate Easter nests, embarking on an Easter egg hunt and playing Easter games on the playground

'Bonfire Night' Week

Bonfire Night week at after school club- we had lots of firework fun as we created tube fireworks with lots of sparkly glitter, we also made s‘mores which were enjoyed around the campfire built by the children and we created tube rockets! On Thursday we celebrated with a Bonfire party in the Village Hall. 


A week of dinosaurs at after school club this week as the children busied themselves with a ‘Jurassic’ theme! They got involved in making a giant 3D dinosaur with huge teeth, they created dinosaurs using their handprints and paint and worked as a fantastic team to build a huge, outdoor dinosaur den.

Tour of Britain Week

This week after school club have been excitedly preparing for today’s Tour of Britain which was passing through the village. They have been busy creating huge posters, a bright, yellow banner and they have worked very hard weaving a willow bike which was complete with yellow ribbon. Well done everyone.

All About Bees

'All about bees'- our topic at after school club this week was inspired by a child's interest. We have had a lovely week finding out about this insect whilst busying ourselves in different activities. The children enjoyed baking delicious, honey biscuits and creating egg carton bees. They also painted their own ceramic pots as bees then planted sunflower seeds which we are eagerly watching to see whose will grow the tallest! We will be continuing with this topic next week.

Road Safety

This week at After School Club we have been thinking about road safety and how to keep ourselves safe especially now that the hours of darkness are longer. We talked about crossing the road and watching out for vehicles then put our learning into practice on the playground. The children used their crafted traffic lights and steering wheels to pretend that they were driving, controlling traffic and walking across the road on the zebra crossing. We even set up our own car wash to add to the fun. In addition this evening we ended the week with traffic light biscuit making- Mrs Colley joined us in tasting our sweet Friday treat! What a great week- we hope everyone uses their knowledge to keep themselves and others safe on the road.

One World- Cooking Week

As part of our 'One World' topic at After School Club the children this week have been cooking up a variety of diverse cuisines- exploring the tastes of different countries and cultures around the world. They have prepared all of their own ingredients independently- making each meal by safely using cutting tools and assembling their food. Our food has included Italian pizzas, Chinese stir fry, German pretzels, Mexican quesadillas and Indian curry and dip tasting. It has been a very interesting and enjoyable week all round.

Pancake Day

After School Club had great fun making pancakes this evening. The children mixed their own batter- measuring and adding the ingredients independently. We created 23 pancakes in total and only 1 managed to flip onto the floor! Happy Pancake Day everyone!

Lego Week

Our 'Lego' theme has been a firm favourite with the children at After School Club this week. They transformed themselves into Lego inventors- baking Lego brick cupcakes, designing and building Lego vehicles and racing them down the yard. On Thursday we had a great evening watching the 'Lego Movie' with delicious popcorn and tonight the week concluded as the children designed their very own Lego person. What a fantastic week!

Chinese New Year

This evening at After School Club we tasted noodles using chopsticks to celebrate Chinese New Year and they were delicious!


Although we unfortunately haven't seen any real snow yet After School Club have had great fun over the past two weeks exploring winter. Throughout this time the children have been busy getting creative- making penguins, melted snowmen biscuits, glittery winter trees and snowmen shortbread which we devoured whilst watching 'Happy Feet' the movie. During drama night the children did a fantastic job of performing the story of 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. We also got active this evening when we hosted our very own Winter Olympic Games- two teams battled against each other during challenges including 'ice hockey' matches, snowball and spoon races and speed skating races.

We hope we get to see some real snow very soon!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

After School Club have really been getting into the Christmas spirit over the last two weeks and as you can see we are all very excited as the countdown to the big day gets closer. We have had lots of fun getting busy in Santa's workshop, baking chocolate brownies and Christmas shaped shortbread biscuits. We've also been getting creative making snowmen, pine cone and salt-dough decorations for our trees at home. The week ended with a drama night based around the story of 'The Snowman'- lots of brilliant actors and actresses shined bright as we performed the story using freeze frames.

What a fantastic time we have had!

After School Club Christmas Party!

A merry time was had by everyone at the After School Club Christmas party tonight! We began with a delicious buffet as we enjoyed a Christmas singalong. Then after our feast we had fun getting involved in lots of party games including pass the parcel, Run Run Rudolph, Don't Wake Santa, Christmas shapes and a dance competition- it was very tricky to pick a winner! We are now all feeling very festive, 14 sleeps until Christmas...

Christmas is Coming


Christmas has arrived at After School Club...
This week the children have had great fun getting into the festive spirit each evening and the highlight of the week was building a real-life Santa's workshop with a grotto painted by the children themselves. We've also been busy playing Christmas bingo, making Santa handprint Christmas cards and creating snow globes which feature the children inside!

Autumn Animals...

With the icy winds and frosty mornings it really has felt like autumn and this week at After School Club we have been getting involved with all kinds of activities and games about autumn animals. Together we created spiky hedgehog bread and paper plate foxes then during drama night the children performed the story of 'The Little Red Hen' as a play. This evening we braved the cold weather as we embarked on an autumn animal scavenger hunt- discovering badgers, hedgehogs, deer, squirrels, pheasants, owls and foxes around the playground. What a great week.

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November...

Bonfire Night celebrations at After School Club this week included making delicious toffee pears, outdoor firework dancing and creating a range of bright, sparkly firework pictures!

Halloween Disco

A 'spooktacular' time was had by all at the Halloween Disco in the Village Hall tonight! The EYFS and KS1 children danced the night away in some FANTASTIC costumes accompanied by glowing jewelry and were later joined by the KS2 children. We all had fun playing lots of Halloween games including corners, musical pumpkins, broomstick races and toilet roll mummies! Once the mummies were complete they danced down the catwalk in a Halloween parade. Later on, homemade pumpkin soup with rolls, mandarin pumpkins and witch’s cauldron chocolate pudding was devoured after a spooky conga around the hall. We concluded the evening by collecting party bags to take home. Happy Halloween everyone!



An autumn themed week at After School Club involved making a deliciously tasty apple crumble, embarking on an autumn scavenger hunt, creating pine cone hedgehogs and baking sparkly pasta jewelry.

And they all lived happily ever after...

Over the past weeks After School Club have been very busy creating a range of fairy tale themed crafts to make a wonderful display full of all of their favourite stories. Along the way the children have made a giant story book complete with flying pages, a huge sparkly dragon, Cinderella's pumpkin carriage and Rapunzel's tall tower. In addition, everyone had great fun embarking on a hunt to find Cinderella's missing glass slipper, baking the real-life gingerbread man and devouring a Three Bear's porridge picnic.


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment. Thank you- Miss Walton, ASC Leader.

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