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Julius Caesar

The children are busy working together to create different ways of delivering their lines and scenes.


A quote from a parent," My child loved every minute of the project,it's given him so much."

March 2022

Working in small groups, we thought of different ways and techniques that would portray different scenes. Here we are working on Caeser's ghost warning Brutus about his fate.

"My child loved every minute of it and was so happy and excited to perform on a stage!"

Our Julius Caesar rehearsals are continuning and today the children have worked really hard to choreograph and practise their big fight scene. They have used slow motion actions to think about action and response, varying levels and different shapes we can make. We are all really excited for our public performance next Tuesday night at Theatre by the Lake. Each practise is helping us to get better and better.

On Monday 6th March, we performed Julius Caesar for Mrs. Willis's class . This was our dress rehearsal.

Feedback from the audience was really positive, the audience liked our clear diction, dances and actions (they praised us on how much of Shakespeare's original text we had learned). However it was good to be reminded to look at them and not turn our backs.