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CSPO Danielle Ousby visited the Key Stage 2 children  to talk about the importance of e-safety. Children were reminded of how important it is to keep themselves safe online and learned about the serious repercussions of; talking to people they don’t know online, sharing inappropriate messages photos and videos and were reminded of their own accountability and responsibility to keep themselves and others safe. All children were given useful written information to share with family at home and to help them with any other questions or concerns they may have.


Computing is an integral part of everyday life. It plays, and will continue to play, an immeasurable part in the children’s lives as they grow, move onto their next phase of education and beyond. At Greystoke Primary School, it is our aim to provide pupils with the tools and confidence to use computational thinking and creativity to thrive in a digital environment. The children will develop digital literacy skills and become active and responsible participants in a digital world.

Each child will become a competent, confident and creative user of information and communication technology. They will learn to use the Internet in a safe and respectful way. Through our robust E-Safety programme, the children will understand the effect our online behaviours and attitudes can have on others, the necessary precautions to take to stay safe and know where to seek help.

Through stimulating, challenging and engaging experiences delivered in our high-quality Computing curriculum, children will become confident and independent users of a range of software and hardware, preparing them for their future in an increasingly digital world. Children will utilise the Internet efficiently, understand how to be discerning in their use of online materials and be able to identify reliable sources of information. The children will develop the curiosity, enthusiasm and courage to use and apply their skills and enhance their learning across the curriculum and in the real world.

During our STEM Lego session the children worked brilliantly together as a team to follow instructions and build their Lego model. The characters May and Marco in our Lego journal asked us to build a treadmill to attach to the heart rate machine which we created in a previous session. The children all got to work in their teams- demonstrating fantastic communication skills.
Once the treadmills were complete the children tested out their creations- turning the handles to make the Lego pieces move. They were very proud of themselves, and EVERYONE was rewarded with a ‘Lego Constructor of the Week’ certificate. Well done!