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After our wonderful morning fishing at Whins Pond, we were inspired to write poetry. Can you see what is special about it?

Water as gloomy as a moonless night,

Night -like water conceals a 'long in the tooth' predator

Predator which is no match for Matthew's fishing rod,

Rod carries a line,

Line is flexible but frail,

Frail skin of the water is shattered by the enormous catch-an eel,

Eel slithers gulping air,

Air is sent from wind to water,

Water as gloomy as a moonless night.

Charlie and Lily

Splashing of the eel-a bar of silver,

Silver circle of net encapsulates the captured eel,

Eel's wriggling belly squashes the brittle,dry grass,

Grass as green as limes,

Lime-like grass carpets the ground cushioning the rough, black net,

Net as mammoth as the task of catching trout,

Trout elusively splashing,

Splashing of the eel-a bar of silver.

Hope and Sorel

Catching An Eel

Mirror like water relaxes next to the wiry grass,

Grass that is green surrounds the buttercup-like statues,

Statues of wooden piers hold us safely so we can fish further and deeper,

Deeper and deeper the eel tries to escape-unsuccessfully!

Unsuccessfully the grey and white eel brings victory to the young fishermen,

Fishermen gently handle the eel which is as black as a polished stone,

Stone path leads to the pond guiding us to the reflective face of the water,

Water mimics movements like a mirror,

Mirror like water relaxes next to the wiry grass.


Releasing our second eel.

Inspired by our morning's fishing, we wrote a series of montages:

Stagnant river water makes minute maggots wary of the slight possibility of being carelessly selected to be either a meal for a; perch, eel or flounder!


Slowly squirming. Secured safely. The exhausted eel emptied itself of mucus. Slithering, it returned to the motionless depths.


Floundering- industrious maggots are enraptured by the aroma of each others hot, writhing bodies, trying to evade the clutching hands of an angler.


Bright eyed in the long summer grass, aware of the slightest flicker of movement: eels, perch, salmon or carp. Hunted!